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Who’s in for Aeroball?

Aeroball is a game which combines the skills needed in trampolining, basketball and volleyball.  It has become very popular in the UK as it gives players a great workout regardless of level and is an easy pick up and go game. 

The game offers the benefits of rebounding (jumping) while removing the risks of overcrowded trampolines, falling off, and falling onto the springs. Rebounding offers amazing aerobic exercise, exhausting even the most athletic people in minutes. In addition to aerobic exercise, Aeroball® exercises muscles that ordinarily never get an opportunity to be pushed. It quickly builds balance, coordination, focus, and relative motion recognition skills. The best part is that all of this is secondary while playing. Players never realize how tired they are until they stop after a point and are shocked to find that they are completely breathless!

Aeroball is great for a variety of people and places. Because it’s so small, it will fit in even the smallest of backyards, making it ideal for Home use. Aeroball Tournaments are riotous fun at camps, and an Aeroball in a Commercial Setting will rake in the cash.


Installed In....

Carlingford Adventure Centre

TUI Travel



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Are you ready for some 2-on-2 action? The 4-Man Aeroball lets you do just that. When teams of two go head to head, a significant degree of extra strategy is introduced.