Are you getting ready for a staycation boom this year?

Today, it’s difficult to predict exactly when we can begin to explore our homeland again. Although many are predicting a staycation boom in the UK this summer, Visit Britain is already forecasting a 54% drop in overseas visits….

Get ready

Post-lockdown, social distancing measures will still be in place for some time with customers no doubt preferring outdoor activities than indoor, so how can we help?

The ultimate group sports experience, Aeroball combines volleyball and basketball, on a trampoline. The game is simple: score by throwing your ball into your opponent’s basket. A player wins by reaching a set number of points. Popular already with holiday parks like Pontins, Darwin Escapes and Argyll Holidays, it’s great fun, competitive and, more importantly, after weeks of being stuck indoors for most, a brilliant way for whole families to get active again.

Karen, Drimsynie Estate, Argyll Holidays, AeroballEarlier this year, we spoke to the Leisure Manager at Drimsynie Estate, part of Argyll Holidays (click here to read the blog), where over 60% of all their guests enjoy at least one game of Aeroball during their stay, making it one of their most popular activities. + With guests now more safety conscious than ever, Aeroball is a contactless game. The unit can also be based outdoors and is easy to clean, giving your guests peace of mind until normality is resumed.

The revenue boosting, low maintenance activity

Many of our clients charge guests to play Aeroball and sessions don’t have to be instructor-led so overheads are kept to a minimum. Maintenance can be looked after by us or you can carry out your own regular checks and, with most units still going strong after 20 years of use, Aeroball is a great investment.

Ready for more?

Prices start from £5,950 +VAT. Get in touch with our friendly team for a quote on 01328 560250 or email + click here to download the Aeroball Information Pack (pdf).

Stay Safe