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Aeroball UK - The Ultimate Sports Experience
Sales: 01328 560250
Service: 07366 475965
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Who’s in for Aeroball at Argyll Holidays?

Located near Lochgoilhead within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, the award winning Drimsynie Estate is surrounded by breathtaking views. A part of the Argyll Holidays brand, Drimsynie is home to an extensive GoActive+ family activity programme that caters for the whole family. Since 2013, a core activity of the programme available to guests…

Aeroball, perfect for outdoors

Want to attract more visitors?

We’ve got something we think would be a great addition to your farm park… “We’ve used Aeroball as an activity at our sites for 15 years and it’s proven to be a popular way to introduce and develop physical activity and co-ordination with children. Overall, Aeroball has been a great asset to our activity programme.”…

Aeroball UK

Ready for a Challenge?

Are you ready for some 2-on-2 action? The 4-Man Aeroball® lets you do just that. When teams of two go head to head, a significant degree of extra strategy is introduced. Imagine having to time your bounce and shot, or pass, based on what three other players are doing. Things get frantic fast, but the…