Sales: 01328 560250
Service: 07366 475965
Aeroball UK - The Ultimate Sports Experience
Sales: 01328 560250
Service: 07366 475965

"What Surface can I put Aeroball on"
You can put your Aeroball on most surfaces, turf, concrete, ash felt.

If you are doing a concrete pad then we recommend adding another 5ft around so you have a nice tidy area, and for the longevity of the product.

"How long is delivery"
Estimated delivery time is around 6 - 8 weeks.

We can offer our Installation service, but majority of our Sales have not needed as they all come with very good instructions.

"Life Expectancy"
These units have been available many years and we have not reached the life span on any of them. This would be highly dependent on how it is used, maintained and stored.  Water bouncers are similar in construction but are subject to heat, sunlight and salt water. Their normal life is 4-7 years.

"Guarantee on Inflatables"
One year. Punctures are not covered under the warranty, but these are easy to fix. Patches are provided.

  • 2 Man Junior Unit - 5'W x 10'L x 10'H
  • 2 Man Senior Unit - 8'W x 15'L x 15'H
  • 4 Man Senior Unit - 15'W x 15'W x 15'W
  • Air Volley 2 Man inflatable - 11'W x 14'L x 11.5'H