Sales: 01328 560250
Service: 07366 475965
Aeroball UK - The Ultimate Sports Experience
Sales: 01328 560250
Service: 07366 475965

Income Potential

It’s gymnastics, basketball, and strength conditioning all in one!

  • Get your customers excited about playing the game!  Teaching the game and rules will bring big benefits.  Players will quickly learn to love the game if the person supervising the Aeroball® officiates and teaches the rules and etiquette.   Return customers will start teaching the beginners and bring their friends, generating new clients.  Try giving a free pass to a good player who brings a new player.
  • Tournaments –  You can have these within your facility or if there are Aeroballs®s in other facilities near you, have combined events which would increase volume and excitement for players and spectators.  This is also an opportunity to get some free press coverage, sell T shirts, sweatbands etc.
  • Once you have built your clientele, be sure you have enough Aeroballs to prevent long waits to play.  Regulars will begin making reservations.  You can offer special rates for off times or for blocks of time.  Church and youth groups etc. often like to center parties around Aeroball®.
  • Snack and drink sales are greatly increased near Aeroball® Action, so be sure to have them available.
  • Public Relations, TV and Press Releases –  Don’t forget to utilize your best advertising –Press release releases written or verbal – to local newspapers, email, T.V. etc. it’s free!
  • You may check with your own insurance broker to see if your current coverage will be sufficient.