Who’s in for Aeroball at Argyll Holidays?

Argyll Holidays logoLocated near Lochgoilhead within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, the award winning Drimsynie Estate is surrounded by breathtaking views. A part of the Argyll Holidays brand, Drimsynie is home to an extensive GoActive+ family activity programme that caters for the whole family. Since 2013, a core activity of the programme available to guests has been Aeroball. We had a chat with Karen, a GoActive+ Instructor at Drimsynie Estate, to ask her how Aeroball has strengthened their programme and how guests rate it as an activity…

How popular is Aeroball?

“Over 60% of all of our guests will play at least one game of Aeroball during their stay. It’s a very popular activity here with not just teenagers playing, but lots of adults getting involved too. Our Aeroball sessions are also not instructor led, so once guests understand the rules, they can quickly sign a disclaimer and play. Everyone from the age of six and upwards absolutely love it.”

Karen, Drimsynie Estate, Argyll Holidays, AeroballHow easy was it to install, launch and set up Aeroball sessions?

“The Aeroball was easy to set up and launch as part of our family activity programme. The install was fairly simple and guests can book sessions online or on the phone prior to their arrival. We charge £6 per two players for a 30 minute game (thirty minutes is long enough as Aeroball is an incredibly energetic activity!)”

Is there ever any negative feedback to Aeroball?

“We have a Two Player Senior unit and the only negative comments we get are from children who are under six because they’re too small to play..! Naturally, if our venue was bigger, we would go for a junior Aeroball so that the smaller children could have a go.”

Is there much maintenance involved?

Our Aeroball is kept indoors which limits any adverse effects of the weather and we carry out documented safety checks on a weekly basis. Last year, after six years of extensive use, we ordered new netting and trampolines for the first time from Extreme Engineering.”

On the whole, has Aeroball met your business expectations?

Yes, it definitely does what it says on the tin! It’s popular with guests and easy to maintain, so we’re very happy with Aeroball as a core part of our family activity programme.

Visit the Argyll Holidays website: to check out the Drimsynie Estate Holiday Village. If you would like more information on adding Aeroball to your activity programme, get in touch with us by email at: enquiries@aeroball.co.uk or call 01328 560250 or click this link to download our Aeroball Information Pack.