Your competition is working on their relaunch. Are you?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for tourism at home and abroad, but now, as lockdown restrictions are easing, the pressure is on to plan for the return of your brand…

Relaunch as the brand you’ve always wanted to be.

Have you already been preparing your relaunch strategy to capture the attention of your guests with a plan to secure your business in a post-lockdown environment? While the slower lifestyle has given us the time to reflect and really think about our brands, your competitors most likely have been working hard on a strategy to relaunch with a bang, so why not take the lead and make some noise about a new, fun and high energy activity you’re bringing your guests this summer to get families active again?

Anyone for Aeroball?

The ultimate group sports experience, Aeroball combines volleyball and basketball, on a trampoline. The game is simple: score by throwing your ball into your opponent’s basket. A player wins by reaching a set number of points. Popular already with holiday parks like Pontins, Darwin Escapes and Argyll Holidays, it’s great fun, competitive and, more importantly, after weeks of being stuck indoors for most, a brilliant way for whole families to get active again. The really great news is that Aeroball is a contactless outdoor activity that can easily adhere to social distancing measures.

According to Drimsynie Estate’s Leisure Manager, over 60% of all guests enjoy at least one game of Aeroball during their stay, making it one of their most popular activities. Also, many of our clients charge guests to play Aeroball and sessions don’t have to be instructor-led so overheads are kept to a minimum. Maintenance can be looked after by us or you can carry out your own regular checks and, with most units still going strong after 20 years of use, Aeroball is a great investment.

Ready for more?

Prices start from £5,950 +VAT. Demand is high, so we have a limited number of units in stock. Get in touch with our friendly team for a quote on 01328 560250 or email + click here to download the Aeroball Information Pack (pdf).

Stay Safe